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What's a Jump Code?
Jump Codes, seen in ads, publications, and other print, broadcast, or "offline" media, help link consumers, readers, and viewers to the targeted Web locations at the advertiser's, publisher's or media owner's site.

For example, a short, easy-to-enter Jump Code in an advertisement, like 48237, helps consumers reach an online location tied to a promotion for that ad on the Internet at a "deep URL," like:


— without entering this long URL (which you wouldn't enter anyway!)

The Jump Code System makes it possible for advertisers and publishers to connect their ads and content in print, on-air, and other "offline" media forms more readily with the specific, targeted online locations consumers need to reach, and makes it easy and convenient for you to reach these locations on your smartphone, Web-enabled mobile phone, PC, or any other Internet-capable device.

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